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This page is devoted to links to manufacturers’ websites, and where possible to pages that relate to news of new ostomy products.  It provides access to the source, and the content is not filtered in any way, or commented on.

B Braun Medical Ltd is a manufacturer of a wide range of Ostomy and Continence products available in countries worldwide. This is a link to their prescription home delivery service, and provides details of their latest products available in the UK.

Coloplast - a company having a wide range of products in the fields of Ostomy Care, Urology & Continence Care, and Wound & Skin Care.  This is a link to the Ostomy Care page.

Comfizz - manufacturers of comfortable support underwear garments designed to meet the needs of Ostomates, having a high waistband which sits above the stoma.  They can also provide gentle support for hernia sufferers, and are suitable for continence users to hold pads securely in place..

Independence Products is a small and friendly supply company which specialises in accessory products which can be used for Ostomy and Continence Care. All of their products are available on UK prescription and are therefore available through your normal home delivery service, supplier or pharmacy in the UK.  The heading links to their website.

Pelican Healthcare Limited specialises in Ostomy Products and Feminine Healthcare.  This is the link to the Ostomy Products page, where details of new developments will be found.

Salts Healthcare - a family run firm which has continued through no less than ten generations of the Salt family, this link is to the Product News page.  Salts also offer an efficient home delivery service via Salts Medilink.  I miss them now that I am in France and have to collect my requirements from the pharmacy, although all the pharmacy staff know me by now.

T G Eakin Limited is a manufacturer of high quality skin protection products for use in stoma and wound care.  This link is to the products page, which includes leakage prevention products, stoma and hernia support belts, product user guides, and a facility to request samples.

Welland is another innovative company well known in the field of stoma care.  This is a link to their News page.

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